As far as I remember, I have always been a creative person.

In my childhood, I was fascinated with colors. I spent most of my time painting, sketching, and experimenting with ideas.

In college, I wrote poetry, random thoughts in my diary, and scripts for drama.

So, in 2014, when I graduated from Business School, I knew that I wanted something more than just a job. It had to be interesting, exciting and should give more to learn and grow.

I started my career in management research and worked as a research associate at ICFAI University in Hyderabad for 2 years.

I Developed 27 Business Case studies on Marketing & Strategy, published in ICFAI Journal & The Case Centre, London. I also won the Oikos International Case Study competition in Switzerland, in 2015 and was mentioned in The Hindu.

Some of the case studies authored by me are now taught in leading B Schools around the globe.

I started my journey in digital marketing when I got an offer from a book publishing company in Hyderabad, to build their online brand.

For 3 years, I led the marketing at the self-publishing startup to build a brand that appealed to their customers, creating social media presence and generating leads from paid online marketing campaigns.

The company went from publishing 20 books a month to 1000+ books a month within 2 years.

I moved on with rich experience and worked with numerous companies in Real Estate, IT Services, and Cybersecurity and replicated the same success.

I worked as a digital marketing consultant for small and medium companies to help them build their brand, create a social media presence, and connect with potential customers with paid advertising.

Currently, I work as a Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer, LinkedIn Coach, Blogger & Personal Branding Strategist to help people start a career in digital marketing, build their brand on social media, start a freelancing business and monetize their personal brand.

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